Apache Logs Viewer was conceived in 2007 as a simple Apache log viewer to help troubleshoot web issues and improve SEO via log files.

The tool was initially offered for free for some time gathering feedback. With the vast amount of positive feedback that was received, the project grew and more functionality was added, like search and support for different log types. Starting from version 2 a premium model was conceived and some features started to be offered as a paid add-on. These were particularly additional reports and analytics. Later on it evolved to support other log types generated from different servers such as IIS and nginx. Version 4 introduced the support for remote file analysis which is a great hit since most of the web servers would be remotely located from the machine doing the analysis.

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This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com

About iannet

iannet was established back in 2001 on the sunny island of Malta, Europe with the main aim to provide good quality software, to help individuals and businesses in their day to day software needs.

Software creation is an art, and like all artistic pieces software is made with passion and vision.