Apache Logs Viewer is free for unlimited use, however some features are locked. To unlock these features please support this app by a small donation €15 (for individuals). You will be given a unique unlock code which will unlock the locked features. This unlock code also includes free upgrades for that version whenever they are available. Locked features are distinguishable because they are greyed out.

For Individuals

An unlock code is available to all those who place a donation of €15. Thanks in advance for your donation.

For Companies/Corporations

An unlock code costs €60.

More Information

A unique unlock code will be sent to you via the paypal email address once the payment has been verified. This will unlock all locked features including Graphical Reports, Statistics and the Advanced Filter etc. Please check your email registered with paypal, also ensure that it does not end up in the Spam folder please. If you wish to register under a different name please specify name, email and full address in payment details or contact us after payment.

Thanks for all those who purchased or donated and helped in supporting this program.