Version History

v5.37 (20/11/2017)
FIX: Improved W3C Parsing
FIX: Microsoft Edge detected as Chrome
v5.35 (18/08/2017)
NEW: City in Export (CSV/HTML)
NEW: FTP log window larger
NEW: Improved error handling on saving opened logs
FIX: Improved SFTP listing of files when certain permissions are present
v5.3 (19/04/2017)
NEW: City Information based on IP
NEW: City Statistics Report
NEW: Improved SFTP Connectivity for remote logs
FIX: Windows 10 OS Detection

To enable the city functionality please visit the Preferences from Edit...Preferences. Upgrading users who don't have the City column need to reset their Columns from Edit..Preferences...Columns to get the new functionality.
v5.25 (17/01/2017)
FIX: CSV Export
FIX: Nginx User-Agent parsing
FIX: Parsing improvements
v5.23 (02/10/2016)
NEW: Behavior Flow Statistics
NEW: Behavior Flow Graph
NEW: Font settings for Log Viewer
FIX: Highlight for multiple IPs
FIX: Highlight for Regex expressions
FIX: CSV Export
FIX: TimeTaken in Export
v5.1 (02/06/2016)
NEW: Highlight feature. Highlight IP, Request, Referrer or User-Agent based on custom criteria
FIX: Updated page sizes for printing of reports
FIX: Page layout persisted for reports printing
FIX: Escaping for CSV export
v5.01 (06/04/2016)
Fix: Remote log failed to download due to illegal characters in path
v5.00 (07/03/2016)
New: Improved Log parsing engine for Apache Log files
New: Support for Tomcat Logs
New: Additional columns show up in window (W3C/Apache/nginx)
New: Statistics export to CSV
New: Ability to Adjust timezone
New: Load portion of Error Log
New: Visits per Hour Reports
New: Status bar contains selected / total counts of log
New: Bandwidth per Hour report
Fix: Remote logs merged in same window when having same name (and path)
Fix: Exclude/Include regex can now be saved/loaded from saved filter
Fix: SFTP Key File connection issues
Fix: File types per day fail to generate for W3C logs
Fix: Various Improvements
Fix: Virtual Host column last character truncation
v4.30 (21/10/2015)
Fix to include VHost in loaded filters
v4.28 (12/10/2015)
Fix to Include Exclude regex filters on load from file
Fix to IP to Country resolution
v4.26 (22/9/2015)
Fix: Parsing of User-Agent and Referrer in Combined log format
v4.25 (19/9/2015)
New Remember last open log selection (access and error)
New Hits per Minute Reports
New Support for Microsoft Edge Browser
New Advanced IIS log browsing
Improved WC3 support for date-local time-local headers
Improved Handling of TimeTaken %T/%D
Fix: Support for User-Agent and Referrer with no quotes
v4.20 (16/6/2015)
New Support for Java User-Agent
New Support for %V virtual host
New Added support for W3C OriginalIP
New Include Exclude Regex for IP Addresses
Fix to Exception Filter
Fix to Unique Hits User Agent report
Fix to SFTP SSH key not being accepted
Improved detection for Internet Explorer
Improved Countries location in Geo Country Report
Improved Hits Each Day report - now contains count in legend

v4.14 (26/4/2015)
New Statistics and Reports for resources requested by External referrers
New additional status codes (mainly for nginx)
New support for logs delimited by pipe
Fixed export of raw logs on non English locals
Updated IP database

v4.10 (8/1/2015)
New connect to SFTP via private key
New statistics Request Analysis (by Page and Host)
New statistics Request Analysis (by Path and Host)
Improved Windows 8 tile icon
Fixed Unqiue charts with counts in legend
Fixed issue on slow FTP sites
Fixed issue on some FTP sites due to lack of support for file listing
Improved W3C parsing for load balancer logs

v4.05 (24/11/2014)
Added support for Virtual Host (column)
Supported additional formats
Fix for dialog boxes appearing distorted on some resolutions

v4.01 (02/11/2014)
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Updated IP Database engine
Updated UI Framework engine
Updated Reporting engine
Supports FTP/SFTP remote logs. With this feature you can monitor remote logs directly from the FTP.
Several improvements and fixes
New reports for Hits per Hour
Filter by Time now possible (from date option)

v3.45 (07/07/2014)
Support for nginx error logs

v3.44 (24/04/2014)
Fix for Regex Exclude Filter

v3.43 (20/04/2014)
Regex support in Filters
Filter by Unique IPs
Visits by Top Countries Report
Updated IP Databases

v3.41 (30/01/2014)
Fix IIS log parsing issue
Updated IP Databases

v3.40 (7/12/2013)
New Reports ... User Agent/Browser/Mobile by Hits
New Report ... Request Analysis by page
Improved Performance

v3.38 (6/10/2013)
New Report ... Requests - TimeTaken per Hour
New Report ... Status Codes - Status Code per Hour
Fixed bug for longer TimeTaken, Size values
Fixed bug in Export to log file
Added %B (Size) in supported parsing values
Added Bots detection on UserAgent header

v3.35 (3/8/2013)
1) Support for Apache 2.4.x Error Logs
2) Updated IP Databases
3) Fix for incorrect export

v3.33 (26/6/2013)
1) Better and Improved Sorting
2) Faster reading of log files

v3.31 (5/4/2013)
1) Updated IP Database
2) Added new Statistics
	Size per User
	Size per Request
3) Print functionality for Statistics Window
4) Fix for opening multiple logs
v3.28 (2/2/2013)
1) Updated Statistics Report Generator
2) Signed ALV with Certificate